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1. to meet or satisfy a need
2. to be competent or capable
If you are in business of any kind, it is your mission to meet and satisfy your client's needs. In order for prospective clients to give you their business, they must first trust that you are competent and capable to do just that. With Suffice as your brand name, this is precisely the impression you convey, in a word. Nothing could be more powerful.Savvy founders, executives and marketers understand they are not so much in the business of selling products and services as they are in the business of selling solutions - to whatever pain, problem or obstacle their customers' face. And whoever most effectively suffices in overcoming those pain points and obstacles, rises above their competition to become the market leader.Not only will inspire such an inherent optimism and trust toward your business, it can also serve as a catalyst and a call to your customers to align with the spirit of your brand, in knowing that through your help they are becoming more competent and capable in what they do, as well.With this brand positioning, stands as a powerful, one-word call to action that instantly sets the tone for an indelible 'brand culture', which is defined as: "a rich identity that represents a set of shared experiences, attitudes, values and meanings amongst customers". Such a brand culture is critical to building long term brand equity.